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Herausgeber*in: Global Deal

Schlagwörter: ACCORD, Arbeitsbedingungen, Bekleidungsindustrie, Capacity Building, Gewerkschaften, Nachhaltigkeit, Menschenrechte


Achieving social dialogue in garment supply chains presents many challenges. Those regions where the downstream parts of the global supply chains are often located may lack both a tradition of social

dialogue and the institutions that support it. With limited experience of social dialogue being available, suppliers and workers may not always be fully aware of its benefits, or familiar with the tools used in the process of social dialogue, and it therefore remains little used.

This is a missed opportunity, not only for workers but also for business, as social dialogue has proven to be a potential driver of stability, productivity and business performance. Social dialogue helps to avoid disruptive and costly conflicts by managing issues as they arise. By involving workers in organisational change, it can bring about a process that is smoother and more productive. By raising worker’s voice, it provides management with valuable information and insights from workers themselves. By fostering a more stable work force, it allows important savings on hiring and re-training of staff. In short, a stronger business emerges when workers and management work together.

This good case practice describes the actions that Fair Wear Foundation, a partner of the Global Deal, is undertaking in order to break through the potential stalemate in negotiations and achieve more social dialogue and better industrial relations in global garment supply chains.

Erscheinungsjahr: 2022

Sprache: Englisch

Umfang: 10 Seiten

Zielgruppe: Studierende, Dozierende, Beschaffer*innen

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Herausgeber*in: Ministry of Textiles India

Schlagwörter: Asien, Baumwolle, Bekleidungsindustrie, Capacity Building, Export, Import, Indien, Marktentwicklung, Nachhaltigkeit, Seide, Textilien, Wirtschaftsdaten


The Indian textile industry is one of the largest in the world with a large unmatched raw material base and manufacturing strength across the value chain. It is the 2nd largest producer of MMF Fibre after China. India is the 6th largest exporter of Textiles & Apparel in the world. India’s textiles and clothing industry is one of the mainstays of the national economy. The share of textile and apparel (T&A) including handicrafts in India’s total exports stands at a significant 11.8% in 2019- 20. India has a share of 5% of the global trade in textiles and apparel. The uniqueness of the industry lies in its strength both in the hand-woven sector as well as in the capital intensive mill sector.

The report gives insights into the textile and garment industry in India and data of its economic development.

Erscheinungsjahr: 2021

Sprache: Englisch

Umfang: 162 Seiten

Zielgruppe: Studierende, Schüler*innen, Dozierende

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