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Labour Minute Costing Calculators

Labour Minute Costing Calculators


Herausgeber_in: Fairwear Foundation

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Schlagwörter: faire Beschaffung, Existenzsichernde Löhne, Lieferkette, Lohn, Living wages, Mindestlohn, Nachhaltigkeit, Soziale Verantwortung, Tipps für in der Bekleidungsbranche Tätige


Fair Wear’s Labour Minute Costing Calculators allow brands and factories to ring-fence the labour cost based on a transparent methodology for costing/pricing of goods.

For buyers it becomes possible to know if the price they pay suffice for a supplier to pay at least the legal minimum wage or CBA-agreed wage level or a living wage estimate, which supports them to fulfil their due diligence requirements. Furthermore, this way of costing enables buyers to pay for their share of any wage increase based on the total capacity minutes used for the goods they purchase.

For trade unionists engaged in collective bargaining at sectorial or factory level the calculator will support in negotiations to clarify the magnitude of the impact of a wage increase or how much extra would need to be charged to brands per product in order to implement a newly agreed-upon wage level.

The Labour Minute Costing Calculators are available for different countries which are listed on the website. The manual for the calculator is available on:

The methodology of “labour minute costing” is described on:

Erscheinungsjahr: 2020

Sprache: Englisch

Bezug: kostenfrei nutzbar