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Developments in global markets for used textiles and implications for reuse and recycling

Autor_in: Hanna Ljungkvist, David Watson, Maria Elander

Herausgeber_in: mistra future fashion


As part of efforts to reduce the environmental impacts caused by the consumption of textiles, the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has proposed a goal of reducing the number of textiles in residual waste by 60 percent in 2025, compared to 2015, and that 90 percent of separately collected textile waste shall be prepared for reuse or recycling.

The ability to achieve these ambitious goals depends to a large extent on whether collection and processing of collected used textiles remains economically attractive for the actors in the value chain. The economics of these activities are dependent on both collection conditions in Sweden and on global reuse and recycling markets since a large part of used textiles collected in Sweden is exported.

This report looks at the market dynamics governing the used textile industry.

The lead research question is: how would the value chain react to a doubling of collected used textile volumes in Sweden and in Europe and what measures would be necessary to maintain economic viability? Swedish, other European and international actors involved in collection, sorting and wholesale of used textiles were interviewed to get their perspectives on this research question.

Erscheinungsjahr: 2018

Umfang: 23

Sprache: Englisch

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