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Fashion Focus: The fundamental right to a living wage

Herausgeber_in: The Circle

Schlagwörter: Bangladesch, China, Existenzlohn, Gesetzgebung, Indien, Indonesien, Kambodscha, Lieferkette

Kurzbeschreibung: The aim of this report is to set the debate on living wages in the garment industry within a clear, legal framework. To that end, the report sets out the legal basis for a living wage being recognised as a fundamental human right and describes the duties of actors along the supply chain to fulfil and uphold that right. To arrive at this point, participants needed an accurate snapshot of the current state of law in jurisdictions important to the global garment supply chain (importing countries known as textile “hot spots”). The research project underpinning the findings of this report gathered detailed summaries from 14 countries where garment exports to the USA and to the EU create a major reliance on the industry for export earnings and employment.

The resulting country reports provide a summary of the current law on wages, benefits, social security (and other labour laws likely to impact on wages), look at wage setting mechanisms and the legal mechanisms available to workers to enforce the legal obligations of the state.

It is our intention that the report will inform advocacy at both a national and an international level. We are hopeful that its existence and content can provide an important tool in pushing for concrete and effective action, as well as a resource for those working in the fashion industry and using labour in the countries concerned.

Erscheinungsjahr: 2017

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Sprache: Englisch

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