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Decent Work and Economic Growth in the South Indian Garment Industry

Herausgeber_innen: University of Bath; Royal Holloway, University of London; The University of Sheffield

Autor_innen: Andrew Crane, Vivek Soundararajan, Michael Bloomfield, Laura J. Spence, Genevieve LeBaron

Schlagwörter: Arbeitsbedingungen, Indien, Initiativen


This report focuses on the South Indian garment industry clustered around Tirupur and specifically on the labour challenges faced by the industry. We conducted 135 interviews and engaged in a series of consultations with around 100 further participants (including business actors, workers, NGOs, unions, and government agencies) in South India during 2018-19 to explore these challenges and potential solutions. We found that the industry is at a crossroads. Despite decades of growth it faces three main labour challenges – competitive threats from lower cost producing countries, labour shortages, and reputational challenges around decent work.

To tackle these challenges, local actors have experimented with a range of different approaches. We identify four main alternative pathways to change: (i) Economic upgrading; (ii) Responsible migration; (iii) Relocation of manufacturing; (iv) Diversification. We recommend that the industry and its stakeholders should collaborate to develop a shared Vision 2030 and accompanying goals to address decent work and economic growth in the sector. This should be used to drive alignment around a common strategy and provide a means for external branding of the cluster. A multi-stakeholder taskforce should be formed to lead the Vision 2030 initiative.

Erscheinungsjahr: 2019

Umfang: 33 Seiten

Sprache: Englisch

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