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Measuring Fashion 2018. Environmental Impact of the Global Apparel and Footwear Industries Study

Autor_in: Gershon Nimbalker, Jasmin Mawson, Claire Harris, Meredith Rynan, Libby Sanders, Claire Hart, Megan Shove

Herausgeber_in: Baptist World Aid Australia, Trustfund


The role of the global apparel and footwear industries has shifted far beyond meeting a basic human need. The relationship with fashion in our modern lives has had a collateral and significant impact on our planet’s resources.

As we face urgent environmental and social challenges caused by climate change and resource depletion, the efficacy of solutions will depend on the creativity, innovation and boldness so characteristic of the fashion industry. It’s time for players to change the trajectory. This report encourages actors in the industry to set ambitious, evidence-based environmental impact reduction goals to drive meaningful change to secure a more sustainable future for fashion.

With a view to drive bold Climate Action from the apparel and footwear industries, Quantis carried out a comprehensive study of the environmental impacts across both industries’ value chains. The

core objective is to inform on the current state of these industries’ environmental performance and provide robust data to inform and empower them to use a science-based approach to reduce their impact (for example, by aligning with the Science Based Targets initiative or other leading initiatives). A special focus is put on greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions as well as water impact.

Stemming from this overarching ambition, the goals of the present study were defined as follows:

  • Quantify the apparel industry’s global environmental impacts across various indicators
  • Assess data gaps to be addressed in further studies
  • Study both historic and future data points to highlight trends and compare corresponding impact growth rates
  • Provide key data-driven takeaways that can be used to promote industry-wide environmental progress of the apparel and footwear industries

Erscheinungsjahr: 2018

Umfang: 65

Sprache: Englisch

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