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Watch Your Step! A Study on the Social and Environmental Impacts of Tanneries in Uttar Pradesh and Tamil Nadu, India

Autor_in: Sandhya Lakshmi Chellapilla, Rakesh Jaiswal, Stella Haller, Lisa Kernegger, Pradeepan Ravi

Herausgeber_in: Change your shoes


Every one of us wears shoes every day. But do we ever ask ourselves where the leather comes from to make our shoes? How is the skin of an animal turned into a shoe? Who does this work and under what conditions? This report takes us on a journey to the beginning of a leather shoe. The report looks at the leather industry in India and reveals the social and environmental impacts of tanneries. It provides a glimpse at the adverse conditions at tanneries in India, where people work with minimal or no protective gear, for payment below the minimum wage and no social security benefit. The workers themselves suffer from occupational diseases and the communities around the tanneries must deal with polluted rivers and drinking water and the dumping of solid waste without regard to environmental standards and rules. 

Erscheinungsjahr: 2017

Umfang: 36 Seiten

Sprache: Englisch

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