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Eco-fashion’s impact on Young Consumers’ Attitudes and Perceptions of the Fast-Fashion Brands

Autor_in: Daniella Ryding, Myriam Caratù, Qian Qi Jia, Claudia Henningers

Schlagwörter: ökofaire Kleidung, ökologische Bekleidung, andere Konsummuster, Konsummuster von Jugendlichen, nachhaltiger Konsum, Konsum, Konsumverhalten 

The purpose of this study is to critically examine, in the context of the Fast-Fashion industry, the relevance of Eco-Fashion on young consumers’ attitudes and perceptions of the brands, in order to disclose the relationships between Eco-fashion strategies and customers’ brand loyalty – or consumers’ purchase intentions. The research design reckons on a mono method, based on a quantitative online survey conducted among 216 targeted respondents from four age groups and two different countries (China – UK). The findings reveal that, although fast-fashion consumers still lack of knowledge about the negative impacts of this industry, Eco-fashion strategies are playing a increasingly important role in fast-fashion consumption. Besides, the growing significance of sustainability in the fast-fashion industry has impacted consumers’ attitudes towards the brands, thus influencing their customers’ loyalty and purchase decision-making. Academically, the value and originality of the research relies on the newness of the thematic, since so far only few studies have focused on exploring the relationship between Eco-fashion and the Fast-fashion consumers’ perspectives of the brands. On the contrary, in the business field, Fast-Fashion retailers -in order to earn long-term profit have realized the importance of developing and implementing strategies aimed at exploiting the potentialities of the above-mentioned relationship. Therefore, this study has relevance also in terms of managerial implications for Fast-fashion retailers, since it gives some suggestions that can help the latters to achieve economic profit. 

Erscheinungsjahr: 2017

Umfang: 27 Seiten

Sprache: Englisch

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