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Promoting Decent Work in Global Retail Supply Chains: Food and Apparel

Herausgeber_in: International Labour Office, Sectoral Policies Department (SECTOR), Geneva
Autor_in: Bibby, Andrew
Erschienen in:
Comparative Analysis of Opportunities and Challenges for Social and Economic Upgrading
Sectoral Studies on Decent Work in Global Supply Chains
Herausgeber_in: International Labour Office, Sectoral Policies Department (SECTOR), Geneva
Seite 7 – 48, Study 1

Schlagwörter: Arbeitsbedingungen, Existenzlohn, Gewerkschaft, Lieferkette, Lohn, Menschenrechtsverletzungen, Unternehmensverantwortung, Welthandel

Supply chains refer, step by step, to the activities followed from conception to final use to bring a product to market. Supply chains play a vital role in the commerce sector in bringing the products wanted by customers to retailers’ shelves. The commerce sector comprises an important part of the world economy and is highly globalized.
The value created during the stages of a global supply chain (GSC) is not shared equally with all participating firms, and high-value elements tend to be those earlier (R&D, design) and later (logistics, marketing, sales) in the chain. Economic upgrading (moving to higher value-added work) is an aspiration for many companies, and countries, located at lower-value parts of the chain. Social upgrading (the gradual process leading to decent work in GSCs) can be concomitant with economic
upgrading; it can also occur independently.
The report portrays the theoretical background of supply chains and economic and social upgrading. As example it also analyses the supply chains of the apparel industry and the challenges of moving it towards decent work. It presents some approaches and initiatives, such as the principle of social dialogue, the Bangladesh Accord, global framework agreements and tripartite international initiatives and formulates recommendations for social and economic upgrading as such.

Erscheinungsjahr: 2016

Umfang: 42 Seiten

Sprache: Englisch

Zielgruppe: Student_innen, Erwachsene

Medien: Hintergrundinformationen

Bezug: kostenfrei zum Download bei 
ISBN 978-92-2-131116-4 (print), ISBN 978-92-2-131117-1 (web pdf)