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Tailored Wages: Are the big brands paying the people who make our clothes enough to live on?

Herausgeber: Clean Clothes Campaign
Autorin: Anna McMullen

Schlagwörter: Existenzlohn. Mindestlohn

Clean Clothes Campaign, in partnership with the Asia Floor Wage Alliance, set out to discover what work companies are doing to ensure workers are paid a living wage.The Tailored Wages report, published in March 2014 was the result of a brand survey carried out by the Clean Clothes Campaign to try to get hold of the facts about who is doing what to ensure a living wage is paid to workers making our clothes.We contacted 50 leading global clothing brands and asked them to fill in a simple survey with details about their current policies and how these translated into practice. In a handful of cases we were pleased to notice some interesting work initiated by brands that was actually increasing real wages in workers' pockets. However, overall, we were disappointed that progress is really still only at the trial stage, and work that is actually putting wages up is still rare. There are very few retailers who have tried to truly ingrain throughout their business work towards a living wage.

Erscheinungsjahr: 2014

Umfang: 114 Seiten

Sprache: Englisch

Zielgruppe: Erwachsene

Medien:  Hintergrundmaterialien

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