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Shop ‘til they drop - Fainting and malnutrition in garment workers in Cambodia

Herausgeber:  Labour Behind the Label and Community Legal Education Centre

Schlagwörter: Kambodscha, Arbeitsbedingungen, Unterernährung, existenzsichernde Löhne, Existenzlohn, Asiatischer Grundlohn


The Shop 'til They Drop report, published by the workers' rights campaign group Labour Behind the Label, shows that factory workers in Cambodia consume just 1598 calories a day on average – around half the recommended amount. BMI figures indicate that 33% of Cambodian garment workers are medically underweight and at risk, and 25% seriously so, displaying figures that would be used to diagnose Anorexia over here.
The dossier states that workers earn just £51 a month as a minimum wage. The recommended 3000 calorie diet suitable for a woman doing a 10 hour day of industrial work, would cost £48 a month, which would leave just £3 for all other costs – a completely impossible task. A monthly living wage which could support a family, the report indicates, is more like £287. Labour Behind the Label, through a campaign for a living wage for workers in Cambodia, is calling on brands to take this issue seriously. As part of the solution, it is pushing for talks to start about providing free canteen lunches for workers each day to combat the immediate malnutrition issue.

Erscheinungsjahr: 2013

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